Open up, you are the Earth
You are the Trees and all their worth
You are the Atoms’ pulsing core
You are the Cells’ centers and more

Open out, you are the Moon
You are the Emotional lagoon
You are the Electric spinning wheels
You are the Fluids that you feel

Open forth, you are the Sun
You are the Winds of Intention
You are the Elemental difference
You are the Tissues and their sense

Open within, you are the Galaxy
You are the Centering Source to set yourself Free
You are the DNA that gives you your Perception
You are the Heart whose rhythm is Reflection

Open together, you are the Great Clusters
You are the Communication Force for all Others
You are the Chromosomic Net of information
You are the Organic internet Station

Open holistically, you are the Universe
You are the Big Bang and the Final Burst
You are the First Cell of the First Life
You are the Last Body on the Last Night

Open Eternally, you are God in Form
You are Beyond the Weather and the Storm
You are Beyond Beyond Below and Above
You are the Essence of Divine Love

You are the Essence of Divine Love
You Are

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