At Last, a Living Stream

Welcome to the live thought streams of Adam Apollo.  These waters will flow with current inspirations, moments of satori, and mobile telepathic meanderings.  Thank you all for your patience and interest in my Sacred Work.


  1. Since you use the words “Yin” and “Yang” it’s worth noting that in their traditional (with its deep spiritual roots) meanings, “Yin” is associated with “Dark” and “Yang” is connected with “Light”

    Obviously “Light” and “Dark” here are not judgements nor good versus evil but polarities of the oneness they spring from

  2. Good to be reminded of Truth. I dance with ego an anger often, continously it feels. Perhaps for the perspective reference point. One Key aquired is the Elohim Golden FoRgiveness Master Key. UnLock. Gratitude for the Keepers of the LIte. Round you Seal. NoW. IN Remembrance,

  3. dawg, will you record yourself more….

    just start talking and keep going for like an hour… the world needs you to drop this knowledge…

    i can’t just keep listening to bashar and terence mckenna over and over!

    keep doin’ it

  4. to otis: Connection to this knowledge is inside everyone of us, jus be quiet and listen to your instinkt, the Force will guide you.

    I’m here at the fisrt time and I must say that, this is realy hudge ‘pack’ of informations. Amazing work.

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